Mother: Teacher Taped 9-Year-Old Student’s Mouth Shut

A mother is upset after an elementary teacher allegedly taped her child’s mouth shut. As Kandace Redd reports, the mother wants the Leland School District to give the teacher a pink slip.


2 thoughts on “Mother: Teacher Taped 9-Year-Old Student’s Mouth Shut

  1. doug319

    In fifth grade we had a teacher who did this to kids all the time. Her usual method was to plaster a big jumble of masking tape all over the offender’s mouth.

    I remember once a boy who received this punishment for the umpteenth time managed to work his mouth open underneath all that tape. So she sealed his mouth shut all over again, this time with gym tape, that tape they use for permanent colored lines on a gymnasium floor. Now he could never get his mouth open, in fact I can’t imagine how she ever got it off him after school. But he did make noises.

    So when we came to our classroom the next morning we found this boy sitting in his seat. Covering his mouth and much of his face was a mask of blue gym tape. Our teacher decided she had just had it with him. So he had to continue that way in school for the next week and a half. Back then no one objected.

  2. DAHansen

    I had a grade school teacher who had a different way of dealing with talkers.

    She would make you come up and sit on a chair beside her, by her desk. Then she would put her arm around your shoulders and wrap her hand over your mouth. And then you had to sit there, with the palm of her hand locked over your mouth.

    And sit there. And sit there. And sit there. With her big warm sweaty firm hand covering your mouth. It got to be a long time, sitting there peering back at your staring classmates. If you stretched your jaw and tried to open your mouth, her hand would only clench tighter. If she had to get up and do things, she would lead you around the room with her hand over your mouth.

    Her hand never got tired. Think of a driver’s hand gripped on a steering wheel. Our teacher needed no roll of tape to discipline talkers, though I suppose in today’s world her hand would be thought just as unacceptable.

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